There is also going to be an option to browse as a guest, meaning that you will presumably be able to browse the Web without your browsing history being associated with your Microsoft account. What I can tell you is that the new browser, at least in its early prerelease state, looks like a mash-up between Edge and Google Chrome. Those who currently use Edge will find that the browser’s look and feel is very similar to what they are already used to. At the same time, there are some elements within the browser that have a distinctly Chrome feel. That being the case, I suspect that the reason why Microsoft continues to introduce new Edge features is that those features are going to be migrated into the new Edge browser. I won’t pretend to know Microsoft’s official answer to that question, but I do have a bit of insight.

It isn’t exactly the EdgeHTML engine being used, but that isn’t that important for the average user. All you need to know is that it is Edge, and it works with your PC. Two months ago, Microsoft overturned that misconception —announcing Edge for iPhone and Android, and releasing it to general users after a period of testing. Clicking any of the options in the side-bar makes it disappear and open your new page in a new tab, but if you want Cortana’s results for reference later, you can just click the pin icon to dock it at the side. To add an item, you can just click the ‘favorite’ icon in the taskbar, and from there, you can select whether it should go in a bookmarks folder or straight into your reading list.

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We already have https website encryption, DoH URL encryption and cross-platform user tracking. Now we can add the secure use of extensions to the list. Edge users can access those extensions given the common platform, but Google has now started warning those users that to do so carries risk. The update also brings a welcome addition to the History menu. Now you can have an icon sit beside the address bar for easy access to recently closed tabs and windows.

  • For example, you can select a page range (1-5), or pages individually .
  • To learn how to install or uninstall Edge, select your operating system from the link below and follow the instructions.
  • If I leave my computer on and Edge running my computer Download Microsoft Edge APK for Android is slow at responding and takes me a long time to do anything until I force stop Edge.
  • The only thing that seems to be missing is the count of currently opened tabs in the new tab icon.

For organizations, the automatic upgrade to the new Edge browser depends on the edition of Windows 10 they use. Unmanaged Windows 10 Pro and Home edition users are targeted for these automatic Edge browser upgrades. That point was clarified by Sean Lyndersay, a product manager for Microsoft Edge, in a Jan. 9 Twitter post. This is off topic, however, I very simply want the option to be able to make the font size on the Favorites Bar and open Tabs larger. Chrome and Opera respond nicely to a setting called “Message Box” when using a nice little program called Advanced System Font Changer on Windows 10. My old eyes need the font size to be larger in Edge in the two places I mentioned and then I would use that browser all the time.

How To Update Microsoft Edge On Your Pc Or Mac Computer To Make Sure You Have The Latest Features And Security Fixes

When that happens, there’s less space for me to see which tab is which. I find myself losing track or I’ll accidentally close a tab as a result. Utterly frustrating as that is usually exactly the one page I needed. If you’re having to suddenly design your child’s academic curriculum, or maybe spending more time at home has you rediscovering your inner chef, Collections can be a big help. Collections allows you to easily collect information from different websites, organize it, export it into various files or just come back to your research at a later time and pick up right where you left off.