It is very similar to Spotify’s premium service where you can also download your music locally if you want to listen on a plane, subway, or don’t want to use carrier bandwidth. Speaking of bandwidth, you can choose from 3 different quality levels when streaming if you are running out of your monthly megabytes or on a bad network. If you canceled your Google Play Music subscription, you would no longer be able to access your downloaded music or playlists. However, with YouTube Music, you don’t need a subscription to access these. Compared to Wynk Music for PC, Google Play Music is a much better choice for users in the United States and Canada, since it comes with a wide range of free radio stations. A subscription gets you access to over 35 million ad-free songs and allows you to listen to music offline.

With this program, you can upload your favorite songs to the Google Music Library. The app gives you the option for automatic uploads or manual uploads of individual songs. Simply put, Google Music Manager is the perfect way to transfer songs to the music library without any hassles. Within the app, you can tweak some settings to automatically detect music from Windows Media Player, iTunes, and other storage media apps on Windows or Mac computers. The company has launched a new tool which allows Google Play Music users to transfer their music files to YouTube Music. If you don’t see the transfer button, you may need to wait for a couple of days as the service seems to be rolling out in phases.

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However, the free versions of both music services come with limitations. If you want to take full advantage of all their features, you must shell out money. Here, we discuss how much each subscription is and whether you can save on them through discounts. In order to determine the best music streaming service, we must go through every aspect of both Google Music and Spotify. Most people already know what these apps are and what they have to offer. However, for those who are new to the music streaming world, grasping the differences between the two can be tricky. Before we dive into the specifics, let us first cover the basics.

This is yet another example of how so-called consumer services are rarely designed for the benefit of consumers these days. There is no reason why Google cannot build a version of YouTube Music that will only use Google Cast to stream songs you yourself have uploaded in lieu of paying a $9.99 fee. As Amadeo notes, he’s scarcely a “free” user, having purchased multiple Google Home speakers at $130 each. Paying members can download any song, playlist, music video or let smart downloads do it for you so you always have something to listen to, even when you don“t have service.

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You’ll be sad if you buy a new phone and all of a sudden can’t activate your account because all ten spots are used and you’re out of deactivations. Check the box next to the playlist you’d like to upload music from and you’re on your way. Select which playlists you want to bring from iTunes into Google Play Music. Select some or all of your existing music for import to Google Play.

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  • But if you say “OK Google, play on ,” then it will launch the desired service.
  • Since late August the Music Manager no longer supports uploading or downloading music.
  • Uploading and downloading music can be done quite easily in Google Chrome, thanks to Google Play Music for Chrome.

With over 35 million tracks to listen to, it does have a reasonably large, high-quality audio library to sift through if you consider yourself an audiophile. It also manages to provide probably the best outright app experience across all of your devices. The added controls allow you to pause and play music from multiple devices and is really intuitive. Add in a free tier that lets you play albums and playlists with short, regular ads, and you’ve got a solid option if you’re not a heavy music listener. I was a subscriber reluctant to move over to YouTube Music but did so in an attempt to ease the pain of switching ahead of the inevitable shutdown.

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