Dale A. Grote offers an Online study guide to Wheelock’s Latin. William Harris has provided some lively pages about Latin language and literature and several helpful Latin downloads for the Macintosh. I also recommend the Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University. See also the Latin dictionary at the Perseus Project, an online version of the Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary.

Most Korean dictionary apps and websites still work the best with English to Korean or Korean to English. However, they are gradually getting better at translating Korean to other languages. 4] WordBook A pretty common app, WordBook claims it won awards. The quick and comprehensive app everything a common dictionary plus thesaurus needs to have. The USP of the WordBook app is real human voices for pronunciations, which make the users feel comfortable.

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Besides being convenient for looking up words, dictionary apps can be a great way to add to your vocabulary. Some of them even have special features that help you learn. This dictionary app is available in 51 language combinations, so if you speak Spanish as well as English, for example, you can look up German translations in both languages! Simply download the language pack for each language you want to search in, and you can search words offline at any time. So even when you don’t have internet access or cell reception, this app will never leave you stranded without a dictionary. We cannot deny that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a popular dictionary app available on the market.

  • It also offers keyword search that allows you to find between English Dictionary compound words and phrases.
  • English to Marathi dictionary app designed to help Marathi speakers to learn and improve their English language skills.
  • This dictionary app is a complete package and an excellent choice for referencing and vocabulary building.
  • You’ll improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.
  • It does so by giving you the option to „Start learning this word.“ Clicking the prompt adds it to your „Words I’m Learning“ list.
  • The world has people speaking different languages across the world and so, having just an English dictionary may not be sufficient.

It also allows users to save their favorite classics for free. The app features a beautiful bookshelf, on which you can browse various books; tap a book to open and read it, and add notes to your favorite paragraphs in the book. You can also create your own texts and upload them into the app. The Dynamic English Lessons 3 – Idioms is an app that helps students learn and remember idioms using interactive games, fun graphics and practical examples. The idioms are grouped under six different categories including animals, body parts, objects, action and sports, food and drink and miscellaneous. By using the dial, you just have to select the right words in order to complete the idiom that is shown in the picture.

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Coupled with Apple discounts for Volume Purchases, the ROI is a slam dunk. Apple provides tools that IT administrators can use to deploy Vidalingua apps to iPhones and iPads across your organization. Our app contains over 640,000 verb forms so you can practice your conjugation tables. You’ll also find a phrasebook, vocabulary quizzes and flashcards to insure you succeed in high school, college and beyond.